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What is digital scholarship?

Digital scholarship makes use of digital publishing tools and computational research methodologies to enhance scholarly dialogues and pedagogy and to increase access to scholarship through open-access publishing. 

Doing digital scholarship with students

One of the strengths of small liberal arts colleges is the potential for rich faculty-student collaborative research at the undergraduate level. Digital scholarship affords significant opportunities to leverage these collaborations, developing students’ research and technology skill sets through experiential learning and reaching new and broader audiences through online publishing.

Digital scholarship necessitates that students engage with the research process in a more holistic way, thinking deeply about how to present the process and results of their research in a variety of oral, textual, and multimedia formats, both to the scholarly community and to the vast internet public.

Through such processes as digitization, data collection, and presenting resulting scholarship on a project website, students gain not only field-specific, high-level research skills, but also a variety of transferable skills in audio/video technologies, collaboration, public scholarship, and web development practices.

All of these skills and experiences contribute to the professionalization and preparation of students for a wide range of potential careers within and outside their major of study.

Mission + Values

The Digital Scholarship community at Connecticut College is inclusive, interdisciplinary, collaborative, welcoming, and empowering. It values exploration, experimentation, risk-taking, failure, and iteration based on what is learned through this process of discovery, making, and sharing.

The mission of the Connecticut College Digital Scholarship program of initiatives is to create a physical and relational space that builds bridges between students, faculty, librarians, and the wider community to develop digital projects and make new discoveries visible. This program enables digital scholarship that complements and expands traditional research and publishing methods.