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The St. Martin Project

by Catherine Benoît
Professor of Anthropology
2018 Digital Scholarship Fellow

This project is a scholarly and community partnership that aims to document the history of migrations and the impact of hurricanes on both the life of the people living in St. Martin, including the native population, French and Dutch nationals, and immigrant groups, and the life of the Saint-Martinois living in the United States. It brings together questions related to the political status of this bi-national French/Dutch island, the history of Hurricane Luis (1995) and Hurricane Irma (2017), the development of the AIDS epidemic, and the vulnerability of the undocumented migrants.

Life in the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

by Sufia Uddin
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
2018 Digital Scholarship Fellow

Uddin’s project documents and explores through mapping and textual analysis of a Bengali poem-in-translation the intersections between environmental science and the ethical and ritual practices of the peoples of the Sundarbans Mangroves.

Coming soon!

Digital Drosophila

by Phillip Barnes
Associate Professor of Biology
2018 Digital Scholarship Fellow

Barnes’s project is a digital database of Drosophila (fruit fly) wings and measurements taken over many years of morphological experiments. Making this data available could enable multidisciplinary collaborations with and among researchers beyond his field, such as those working in genetics.

Coming soon!