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Within Society Variation in Social Preferences

by Benjamin Beranek

Within Society Variation in Social Preferences uses the tools of experimental economics to examine the variation of social preferences on the individual level within America. In particular, the project team uses social dilemmas with punishment to study variation in cooperation and punishment behavior across the United States. Utilizing this dataset, the team is able to test hypotheses that could explain the observed behavior. The dataset is broadened by associating geographic, location-based data of participants with their behavior in the economic games. In this way, correlations can be observed between social, economic, political, and historic statistics and social preferences. Working together with students in his First-Year Seminar, Nudging to Success, Beranek further analyzes an existing dataset and will collect a new dataset to better understand within-society variation in social preferences.


In order to test hypotheses of the variation in behavioral observations, the project utilizes Python and assorted APIs. The website will utilize ArcGIS and, in particular, the Story Maps feature on ArcGIS Online. 


Staff Project Team

Lyndsay Bratton, Assistant Director for Digital Scholarship
Michael Dreimiller, Digital Media Specialist
Beverly A. Chomiak, GIS Specialist


Margaret Benson ’23, Isaac Beyene ’23, Charles Bresnahan ’23, Rosalyn Dao ’23, Emma Diianni ’23, Olivia Engelfried ’23, Sean Fox ’23, Katie Fujimori ’23, Ashlie Killen ’23, Tim Kobler ’23, Lemson Mureya ’23, Camille Phelan ’23, Alexis Robertson ’23, Avry Truex ’23, Fiona Williams ’23, Samuel Winneg ’23


  • Bucknell University Digital Scholarship Conference, Lewisburg, PA, October 2019
  • Connecticut Digital Humanities Conference, Hartford, CT, February 2020