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Life in the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

by Sufia Uddin

This project documents and explores through mapping and textual analysis the intersections of environmental science and the ethical and ritual practices of the peoples of the Sundarbans Mangroves. Two students pursuing majors and minors in Religous Studies and Environmental Studies received ConnSSHARP grants in summer 2018 to work with Professor Sufia Uddin on the initial phase of the project: a resource for students in Uddin’s Religious Practices and Ecology course. The project was developed as part of the Digital Scholarship Fellows Program, a joint endeavor by the Office of the Dean of Faculty and Information Services at Connecticut College.

In 2020, Sufia was awarded an NEH Fellowship for $60,000 to continue developing the project into a multimedia scholarly website.


This project is in development and will utilize MapBox and OpenStreetMap to display an interactive customized map. In a future phase of the project, technologies will be used to enable interactive text features in the online publication of a Bengali poem translated into English.


Staff Project Team

Lyndsay Bratton, Assistant Director for Digital Scholarship
Diane Creede, Assistant Director for Instructional Technology

Web Developer

Madeline Avram Blount (Brooklyn, NY)


Julia Neumann ’20, Avatar Simpson ’20


  • Digital Frontiers, Kansas University, Lawrence, KS, October 2018
  • Digital Scholarship & Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts Symposium, Connecticut College, November 2018